China's Development
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China Enters the Twenty-first Century

East West Dialogue


Deng Xiaoping

Deng launched China on a path of development with emphasis on the utilization of science and technology to improve the productivity of the labor force and bring about real economic growth.

Deng Xiaoping: The role of science and technology in developing the productive powers of labor

Central to China's development strategy are Great Projects, such as the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, a major water distribution system, and a national transportation grid including magnetically levitated trains.

Reports on some of the great projects.

In many respects, China's development policies follow the 'New Deal' approach used by America's depression era President Franklin D Roosevelt.

China's New Deal economic development strategy

LaRouche's Proposals:
Great Projects for Eurasian and World Development

However, the problems facing China, which still has a large number of people living in poverty, are tremendous. Large infustions of capital goods, especially machine tools are required, along with the creation of a layer of technologically oriented entrepeneurs. Furthermore the crisis in the global financial system must be solved through a financial reorganization, in order for any nation to survive.

These problems have been addressed by American economist, Lyndon LaRouche, who has proposed a fundamental reform of the world financial system, a New Bretton Woods, to replace the current, hoplessly bankrupt financial system. LaRouche's proposal include a grand design for economic development, which features the Eurasian Land-Bridge:

Link to LaRouche's Great Projects

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